Application form

8th Renaissance and Baroque Week in Győr
7-13. August 2015.
Early music master courses

Nyelv (language): magyar (Hungarian)

I. The datum of the applicant:

First name:
E-mail address:
Postal address:

Music studies:

II. As a participant I would like to apply for the following course:

Violin, baroque violin
Violoncello, baroque violoncello, continuo
Harpsichord, fortepiano
Baroque chant
Violoncello, baroque Renaissance and baroque dance

III. I would like to ask for an accomodation offer on the marked days:

7th of August (Sunday)
8th of August (Monday)
9th of August (Tuesday)
10th of August (Wednesday)
11th of August (Thursday)
12th of August (Friday)
13th of August (Saturday)

The accomodation offer can be chosen from the following categories:

Student hostel
Apartment (2-4 person)

(We are going to send the offer via email.)

IV. I would like to require dining on the following days:

8th of August (Monday)
9th of August (Tuesday)
10th of August (Wednesday)
11th of August (Thursday)
12th of August (Friday)
13th of August (Saturday)

The price of the lunch is uniformly 4 €/occasion.

You have to pay the fee of the accomodation and dining personally at the location.

V. Where did you hear about the festival?

My teacher has recommended
My classmate has recommended
From the homepage of the festival
From a public site (as an example on Facebook)

VI. Participative fee: 110 €

it contains the 40 € registration fee and the 70 € course fee.

Application conditions:
The application is going to be valid with the sending of the application form and payment of the registration fee. The participation of the course can be deleted until the 30th of June, in this case you are going to get back the 50% of the paid-in fee. After this appointment you are not allowed to desire the paid-in participative fee. The whole price of the course is going to be given back to you if we could not start the course.

Please, you are asked to pay the registration fee and the participative fee for the following name and address:
- Harmonia AMI, 9023 Győr Csaba u. 3.
- Bank account: HU53 10918001-00000020-67400009 (UniCredit)
Please write the name of the applicant into the note rubric of the bank transfer.

The location of the festival: Harmónia Music and Dance School
3. Csaba Street, 9023 Győr

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